Seeking Smart Street Lighting Solutions for Public Engagement and Data Capturing


In Abu Dhabi, lamp poles are commonly used to attach marketing and public engagement banners. The change of these banners is carried out manually and is manpower-intensive. The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has started retrofitting the conventional street lighting with LED luminaires that are controlled by smart lighting nodes which are connected to the Central Management System (CMS) through a wireless communication mesh. 

As part of its transformation drive, DMT is seeking innovative solutions to transform these street lighting infrastructures, such that they can also be used as infrastructure for other smart city applications, including the collection of data (e.g. weather, traffic, parking, pedestrians) through sensors.

DMT is keen to receive proposals on the type of sensors to use, the type of data to collect and how DMT can utilise these to provide better public services.


The proposed solution, while serving its functional purposes, should blend in with the environment aesthetically. It may consist of the features below but need not be limited to them:

  • Sustainably powered.
  • Double-sided digital screen (front and back) to display advertisements and generate revenue. The screens should be operated via a control room so that the displays can be broadcast remotely.
  • Smart application mounted on the streetlights to capture data such as:
    • Vehicular traffic count, speed and density
    • Roadside parking
    • Human mobility pattern (cyclists and pedestrians)
    • Temperature, wind and humidity

The proposed solutions must take into account public safety. The proposal should include details on cost and time required to execute the project.

Information on the street light poles:

  1. Height: 10, 14, and 20-metres. The spacing is dependent on road type and pole height. The attached file shows the allowed lighting levels along with the heights of the poles and spacing for each road type extracted from the Abu Dhabi Lighting Manual.
  2. Type of lamp: LED
  3. Electrical controller: Electrical power comes from the control cabinets, and the operation control system is through wireless network connecting every pole to the control center (the ongoing Noor Abu Dhabi Project)
  4. Photos of a street lighting, streets and typical road cross sections: Please find attached the cross-sections of 3 types of roads: Avenue, Boulevard, and Residential streets extracted from the Urban Street Design Manual (USDM)

Development Timeframe

A three phase approach will be adopted for this challenge:

•    Phase 1: Development of potential solution(s)
•    Phase 2: Selection of the most favourable solution based on a financial feasibility study
•    Phase 3: Prototype + Test-bed within a year at an Abu Dhabi city street


Abu Dhabi – Singapore Smart Cities Open Innovation Challenge



Proposal submissions are open from 6 May 2021 12:00PM to 29 Jul 2021 04:00PM